How to care for leather camera straps

How to care for leather camera harness

Leather is a natural material that requires moisture to remain supple.

Unlike our own skin that replenishes moisture naturally, leather needs moisture added often in order to last (every 8-10 wears).

Leather conditioners can be found in sprays or creams (applied with a cloth). Make sure your harness is clean and dry before you apply conditioner and always test on a small area before use.
Keep in mind that it is much more effective to apply a few light coats of conditioner than one heavy coat. This may clog the leather’s pores and won’t be absorbed as readily.
If you want to polish your harness, choose a colour that matches the leather. Some polishing agents are neutral in colour and can be used across leather colours. Rub polish on with a soft cloth and remove any excess polish with a clean cloth. Use a polishing brush or buffing block once the polishing agents have absorbed to achieve a high shine.

Caring Tips:
*Follow directions on the label of conditioners or polishes.

>>> Please be aware that leather is not waterproof. All leather is a natural skin, it retains moisture, gets dry and can warp and crack without proper care.
We use vegetable tanned process so the varnishes are water-resistant but by no means waterproof. If it does happen to get a splash on it, allow it to dry fully, don’t wipe or rub it.

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