All about Personalized camera straps

All about Personalized camera straps:

How to add a logo to an order – In order for us to engrave your logo, send us a file with a logo. You can do this during checkout. You will see a button – «upload the file». Upload your logo image in jpg or png format, then we will do everything ourselves.

If for any reason the button does not work and you cannot upload the image, send it to us at [email protected]

Image quality – We need the image to be of good quality, at least 500 pixels.

Color of engraving – laser engraving is leather burning, it can only be black and without halftones. Therefore, all colored logos will end up in black anyway.

Things to Consider – Thin lines and small text will work, but they will be difficult to see from afar. It is unlikely that someone will come close to you on the shooting set to read what exactly is written on your back.

The maximum size of your logo – The size of the area on the leather where the logo will be placed 85x85mm.

What to do if I don’t have a logo – It does not matter if you send us your official business logo or just a picture, the main thing is that you like it. It might just be your name, but in a font of your choice.

We do not occupy with graphic design and do not develop lettering or logos. Please make your own label file. We cannot decide for you how the image will look like, because it is important that you will like it.



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