Our guarantees for camera straps

custom camera straps

Our guarantees for camera straps:

Time Limits – It does not matter how long it has been since you bought the camera strap from us. If your carbine breaks, main or the safety one. If a defect is found, you just need to message us, and we will send you a replacement part free of charge.

Hardware – If it suddenly happened that the carabiner did not cope with its task, it broke or opened, and the camera fell. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your camera cost. However, we will refund the full item cost to you.

Leather – you can even send us your camera straps so that we can restore them, if after a few years the leather is frayed and no longer looks attractive. However in such case you will have to pay for the delivery, but we will do everything and send you the camera straps back.

We understand how important the strength of each camera harness element is. Therefore, we do our best not to lose sight of anything. Our company is always on your side and therefore provides free service.

For 4 years, we had only one client whose camera was damaged. The bolt unscrewed from the camera, he did not notice that, and the safety carabiner broke. After this situation, we replaced the safety carabiners, and switched to the more durable ones. But the client was reimbursed the cost of camera strap and we sent a replacement for the broken carabiner.

We are real people and we can make mistakes. But we always offer a solution to the problem. If we make a mistake, we will replace the item for free, or send a replacement part. We are fully responsible for our product. Even if it is not beneficial for us.

Our company plans to exist for a very long time, and for this we are convinced that the most important thing is satisfied customers, a quality product and quality service. Therefore, we will try to do our best to ensure that you feel good with us and you get the best possible service.


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